Terms and Conditions


• Unit Owners are permitted to house one small household pet (under 35 lbs) within their unit. Pets may be walked only in the designated pet promenade areas on a leash and not within any other portion of the Common Elements.
• Pets are not permitted on Siesta Dunes Beach.
• Renters or guests are not allowed to bring or keep pets within the Condominium Property.

Board Meetings

• Unit Owners will be given the opportunity to speak for up to three minutes on agenda items during any meeting of the Board.
• Notice of all regular Board of Directors Meetings will posted on Siesta Dunes Property in the encased area next to the bulletin across from the Rental Office.

Clear Access on Hallways

• Fire and safety ordinances require that all walk ways in all Buildings be kept clear.
• Strollers, wagons, chairs, toys and towels must be stored in the unit or in the designated carport.
• Towels or bathing suits should not be hung on railings.

Lights during Turtle Season

Turtle nesting season is May 1 through October 31. We are fortunate to have turtles nest on our beautiful beach and in our dunes. Nesting turtles and their hatchlings are
very disoriented by lights. Florida and Sarasota have strong ordinances protecting our nesting turtles. Between sunset and sunrise during nesting season, any source of light
visible from the top of the dunes must be amber or red and the bulb must be shielded. This includes patio/lanai external lights and even lights inside your unit. Please turn off
lights or draw shades at dusk during season. Sarasota County patrols the beach after sunset. If you are in violation, you may be fined by Sarasota County.

Common Elements

• Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, Segway’s and scooters are not allowed to be operated or used within the Condominium Property except of the north or south bridge walkway for access to Midnight Pass or the Beach.
• Running or playing on the walkways of Buildings 1, 2 & 5 is prohibited.
• Towels, bathing suits and air mattresses are not to be hung over the railings or left on the balconies.
• Walkways of Building 1, 2, & 5 must be clear at all times. Chairs, toys, strollers and bicycles must be stored in either the Unit, the assigned bike racks, or in the parking space assigned to the Unit.
• Fires are not allowed within the Condominium Property.
• There is a storage area for large water toys near the maintenance shed. Kayaks, paddleboards and kiteboards must be stored by the maintenance shed if they can’t be stored out of sight.
• Gas grills are located at the sun deck, behind Building #1, and at the eastern end of Building #7 in the garden area. Grills may not be reserved and must be turned off after using.
• Charcoal grills are not allowed within the Condominium Property. Gas grills cannot be used on individual Unit balconies.
• Wrist bands issued by the Association shall be worn by all Unit occupants (including but not limited to owners, tenants, family members, and guests) while within or using the Common Elements (including pool, beach & sundeck) during the High Season, which is March 1st through April 30th and June 1st through July 31st. Lost or stolen wrist bands will be replaced at a cost of $25.00 each.
• No unreasonable or excessive noise is permitted within the Condominium Property between the hours of 11:00pm and 7:00am, local standard time.

  • Misc. Beach Rules: Tents are allowed on Siesta Dunes Beach if they are 10′ x 10′ or smaller. All tents must be separated by at least a 10′ permitted. Exception: Up to (2) tents can be joined together. Tents and canopies must remain behind the signs posted at the beach. Only Siesta Dunes loungers and chairs and approved rental items (umbrellas and beach hoods) may be stored on our beach, as per Sarasota County RUA. All beach equipment must be taken down before sunset and properly stored. No Volleyball, Badminton or other nets allowed on Siesta Dunes Beach.

Dunes on the Beach – Access

The dunes are protected by the State of Florida. Access to the beach is via the
boardwalks. Do not enter the dune area.


• No one is permitted to play in the elevators.
• The elevator phones are strictly for emergencies.
• Please inform security when deliveries and Unit repairs are being made so that
protective pads can be put in elevators.

Hot Tub

The hot tub is heated to 102 degrees and could cause health problems for people with heart conditions, high blood pressure and pregnant women. People with these
conditions are discouraged from using the hot tub. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult when using the hot tub due to the risk of heat,
bacteria, dehydration & drowning. The CDC advises that children under the age of 5 should not use hot tubs. The Hot Tub and Pool close at 10PM.

Lost and Found

The lost and found is located near the Siesta Dunes Management Office next to the
water fountain.


• Shoes/foot coverings should be worn on all wooden decks.
• Garage doors in Buildings #3 and #4 must remain closed at all times when not in use.


Please respect others and use headphones, earbuds or other such privacy devices
when listening to music outside of a Unit. Music or noise within a Unit may not be so loud as to be heard in other Units.

Outside Furniture

• Outside furniture provided by the Association within the Condominium Property may not be reserved; it is available on a first come first served basis.
• Towels and articles of clothing may not be left on furniture when it is not in use. Management reserves the right to remove such articles.
• Furniture provided by the Association may not be taken from the deck to the beach.

Furniture taken from a unit (lanai) and placed on the adjoining grass must be returned to the Unit when not in use.

Vehicle Maintenance

No power washing, oil changes, vehicle repair or painting is allowed within the Condominium Property. Emergency services such as a flat tire or windshield replacement would be acceptable.

Recreational Vehicles

At this time, Owners and Renters will not be allowed to have recreational vehicles on Siesta Dunes property until the Board has had time to do further research on this topic. This would include (but not be limited to) golf carts, 3-wheel vehicles, and motorized skateboards. Golf carts can only be used by SD employees for daily business purposes.

Clubhouse and Beach Front Deck

• The Clubhouse and Gazebo (beach deck) may be reserved through the office at least 48 hours prior to the event. Reserving the gazebo does not give one
exclusive use of the deck only the gazebo.
• These facilities must be left in good condition; otherwise, a $50.00 cleaning fee will be imposed on the owner or guest reserving the facility.
• Any damage is the responsibility of the individual reserving the facility.
• The Clubhouse and the Gazebo will close promptly at 11:00pm, local standard time unless permission is granted by Management to remain open.


• All leased Units must submit a rental registration with the Association and Owners are required to pay any fees associated with registration.
• Tenants are required to pick up a parking permit for their vehicle, and registration materials upon arrival or first thing the next morning if after midnight arrival.
• Visitors of registered guests are not allowed use of SD amenities (pool, hot tub, deck, and private section of the beach). No tents canopies, etc. Visitors of registered guests (renters) must register with the office and be offsite by midnight. Only 1 visitor car per Unit allowed on within the Condominium Property unless otherwise approved in advance by Management.

• Owners are responsible for their tenant’s behavior while such tenant(s) is residing on property.
• No parties, audible music or behavior disruptive to others is permitted while on property.
• All leases with monetary exchange shall be for a term of not less than seven (7)days. Our long-standing policy is for two-week rentals in high season and one-week rentals out of season.


Schedules will be posted daily on the bulletin board outside the office. You must register your name and unit number when reserving a court.
• There is a 45-minute limit per unit per day.
• Only tennis shoes are allowed on the court, no street shoes or bare feet are allowed. Any other use of the tennis court is not allowed.


Tash cannot be placed in hallways at any time. Trash must be placed in plastic bags and securely tied and placed in the trash chute or the dumpster. Recycling containers
are located at all trash deposit areas. Please recycle! Large furniture or household appliances require special pick up. Please call association office for instructions of
placement prior to pick up.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) The operation or use of unmanned drones within the Condominium Property is


• Each Unit has an assigned covered parking spot. Uncovered spots are available on a first come first serve basis.
• All vehicles parked within the Condominium Property must have display either an owner sticker or a guest pass. Any vehicle parked within the Condominium Property without displaying an Owner sticker or guest pass is subject to ticketing for a first offense and towing for subsequent offenses.
• Vehicles over 14,000 GVW (dump trucks, box trucks, dumpsters or semi tractors) are not allowed to be parked within the Condominium Property without advanced approval from Management.
• Campers, trailers of any kind and motor homes are not allowed on the premises.
• Boats are not allowed to be stored within the Condominium Property.

Pool Rules

Hours: 9:00am to 10:00pm daily. For a complete list of rules, please see the signs at the pool.
• Persons using the swimming pool do so at their own risk.
• Persons using the swimming pool should shower before entering the swimming pool.
• Cutoff shorts are not allowed to be worn in the swimming pool.
• No food or beverages are allowed on the pool wet deck. Coolers must be kept outside the fenced area. (Drinks are allowed in chair areas around the pool).
• No glass or pets are allowed inside the fenced-in pool area.
• No rough play, running, or diving is permitted within the swimming pool.
• No rafts or large toys are permitted in the swimming pool.
• No reserving of chairs or lounges; Towels or clothing placed on chairs to “reserve” them will be removed.
• Incontinent persons must wear waterproof swimwear
• No Smoking in the fenced-in pool area• If inclement weather is approaching and security closes the pool, the area must be vacated immediately.

Renovations/Remodel on any Unit is limited to the time period between April 30th and December 15th

1) Rules for Contractors, Sub-contractors and Vendors: Any infraction of the Rules shall be at the Owner’s expense. While within the Condominium Property, all contractors, subcontractors, vendors and their respective employees shall abide by all Association rules and regulations, including the following:

Siesta Dunes, a Condominium (“Siesta Dunes”), is a private residential condominium

whose residents expect a quiet, secure living environment. All contractors, sub- contractors and vendors will work in a manner that is respectful of Member and Unit

Owner expectations. To this end, the board of Directors (BOD) has adopted these rules governing any contractor, subcontractor or vendor entering Siesta Dunes for any purpose. Rules

a) No construction work shall commence prior to written approval by Management.

b) Except for routine maintenance work, the contractor must obtain a Siesta Dunes Permit before proceeding with any work on a Unit. Work shall be in accordance with approved plans and no changes to those plans shall be made without written BOD permission if any changes affect a common element area.

c) Contractors, subcontractors and vendors must contact Security daily for entrance to the property. Contractors, subcontractors and vendors will not access via gate entry codes. Contractors, subcontractors and vendors will obtain a pass upon approval from Management. The pass must be visible through the front windshield of the vehicle at all times while on Siesta Dunes property.

d) Any damage to lots, parking areas, entrance areas and any common element areas will be repaired by Siesta Dunes and the repair costs will be billed to the responsible contractor/Unit Owner. The responsible contractor will immediately repair any damage caused to another unit or to Association property. Operators of vehicles will insure that they do not spill any damaging materials while at Siesta Dunes. If spillage occurs, operators are responsible for properly cleaning up the spillage. Clean-ups done by Siesta Dunes will be billed to the responsible party or Unit Owner. A deposit for any major construction is required by the Contractor or Owner. The deposit will be returned to the proper party after completion of the project and Management approval.

e) Construction is permitted only between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Other than emergency situations. Construction or servicing of any kind is not permitted on Saturday, Sundays or legal holidays.

f) Each primary contractor shall prepare, submit and update (as required) a Siesta Dunes Contractor List to the Siesta Dunes Office. Such list shall provide the names, addresses and phone numbers (both day and after-hour numbers) of the prime contractor and all subcontractors. Blank lists are available at the Office.

g) Cars, trucks, vans and other construction vehicles shall not be left on-site overnight. Large-wheeled construction equipment and the vehicles used to transport such equipment may be kept within the Condominium Property overnight only if authorized by Management in advance.

h) The possession and/or use of alcoholic beverages, any controlled substance, or firearms by any contractor, subcontractor or vendor while within the Condominium Property is strictly forbidden. Any violation of this rule may result in the immediate removal of the offender. Loud, offensive or discourteous language will not be tolerated. The use of horns, whistles or similar devices withing the Condominium Property is prohibited. The playing of radios, tape players or similar devices in a manner that makes them audible from any adjacent Unit, road or Common Element is not permitted.

i) Shirts must be worn at all times while on Siesta Dunes property. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate removal of the offender.

j) All trash and litter is to be picked up daily and deposited in an approved metal container supplied by the contractor. Such container shall be located only where permitted and will be emptied regularly to prevent spillage. Burning of trash within the Condominium Property is prohibited. Hurricane Preparedness — Whenever Siesta Dunes is within a hurricane watch zone, Contractors shall secure any construction site on which they have a job. This includes securing any bundled or loose construction materials. Any item that could become a projectile must be secured inside the Unit or removed from the Condominium Property. Waste receptacles shall be emptied and, removed from Siesta Dunes or secured in a manner that prevents anything from leaving the receptacles.

k) Minors are not permitted to visit or work on any Siesta Dunes construction project.

l) Pets of any kind are not allowed to be brought on Siesta Dunes property by contractors. No fishing is allowed within the Condominium Property. Violation of Rule a)#1 will result in the immediate denial of entry to the prime contractor and all of his sub-contractors. Violation of Rule h) or j) will result in immediate removal of the offender. Contractors and/or subcontractors found in violation of any other rule will be issued one warning. The second violation may result in permanent expulsion from Siesta Dunes. The BOD reserves the right to amend these rules at any time.

• The contractor must work within the Unit or in the carport assigned to such Unit. To ensure less disruption of guests and owners, work must be completed during normal business hours.

• If a Unit Owner is installing or having installed flooring in their Unit above the first floor, an underlayment must be installed, meeting a minimum IIC rating of 50 must be used (Sound Reduction Rating) to deaden the noise. The underlayment must be installed for carpet as well as for hard floors. Management must inspect and confirm that this underlayment has been installed before the flooring is installed. Floating floors shall not be installed in Units above the first floor.

• Owners are not allowed to affix anything to the outside structure of the building, such as décor items, cameras.

• Owners are permitted to alter, decorate and furnish the interior of their Units as they wish but the Common Elements must remain consistent with the original design and appearance of the condominium exterior. According to the condominium documents (paragraph 26.06) “every unit owner shall make no alterations, decoration, repair, replacement or change of the common elements or to any outside exterior portion of the building without the written consent of the association”. Owners need to be aware that this covenant covers at least in-part the following:

a) Screen doors must be selected from those that have been approved by the BOD.

b) Unit numbers, when posted on or near the entrance to each Unit must be of the design, color and size approved by the BOD and must be placed at or near the entrance in approximately the same location on each Unit.

c) Large signs such as “no smoking” and others displayed on doorways are discouraged and owners are urged to use good taste in their choice of signs.

d) Owners are not permitted to add outside decks or alter the outside deck of their Unit. However, in the event some alteration to an outside deck is to provide a safe environment due to a problem with the adjoining ground and is consistent with the appearance of the surrounding Common Elements, the Owner may petition the BOD to make such alterations.

e) Landscaping is a Common Element and Owners are not permitted to alter the landscaping at or near their Unit. However, Owners who wish to change or add to the landscaping at or near their Unit must consult with the Management and obtain written consent before doing so. Planting by Owners become Common Elements and must be maintained by the Association and the life of such plantings will, thereafter, be at the discretion of the Association. In the event the Manager determines a request be reviewed by the BOD, you must submit a written request to the BOD.



In compliance with state and federal Fair Housing laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and FS 1084, Siesta Dunes Condominium Association, Inc. adopts the following policies and rules. Section 10(D) of the Declaration of Condominium authorizes the Board to adopt rules to regulate pets and animals on Condominium Property. The Board has adopted a rule to prohibit tenants and guests from bringing or maintaining a pet. The rule permits each unit owner to maintain a single pet not to exceed thirty-five (35) pounds in weight at maturity. The Board currently plans to enforce this pet policy subject to accommodations required by law. A resident (owner or tenant) has the right to request an accommodation. The request shall be in writing and addressed to management personnel. The communication shall make clear that the person is requesting an exception to the pet policy because of an asserted disability. In the event the person’s disability is readily apparent or known, and the need for the accommodation is also readily apparent or known, such as, but not limited to, a request for a seeing-eye dog by a person with a sight disability, no further information shall be necessary or requested and the person with disability shall be granted the accommodation subject to the rules hereinafter set forth. In the event the person’s disability is readily apparent or known, but the need for the accommodation is not readily apparent or known, the person with disabilities shall

provide information necessary to enable the Association to evaluate the disability- related need for the accommodation. The information must show the relationship

between the person’s disability and the need for the requested accommodation. According to Florida Senate Bill 1084 adopted in July 2020, in the event the person’s disability is not readily apparent or known, management has the right to request that the person provide specific information regarding the nature of such person’s disability. The person with disabilities shall provide information necessary (1) to verify that the person meet’s the legal definition of disability (i.e., has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities); (2) to describe the needed accommodation, and (3) to show the relationship between the person’s disability and the need for the requested accommodation. The need for an ESA must be directly related to the accommodation. Information identifying the particular assistance or therapeutic emotional support provided by the specific animal must be provided from a health care practitioner or similarly licensed or certified practitioner or provider in good standing with his or her profession’s regulatory body in another state. Such information is reliable only if the practitioner or provider has personal knowledge of the person and his or her disabilities, has met the person at least once face-to-face, and is acting within the scope of his or her practice. “Internet certificates” in the absence of such personal knowledge and documentation by a health practitioner personally familiar with the tenant and acting within the scope of his or her practice are not by themselves, reliable documentation of the need for an ESA. In most cases, an individual’s medical records or detailed information about the nature of the person’s disability shall not be required. An emotional support animal registration of any kind, including but not limited to an identification card, patch, badge that the animal wears, certificate, or similar registration obtained from the Internet is not by itself reliable information sufficient to establish that a person has a disability or a disability related need for an emotional support animal. As to service animals under the ADA, the person with disabilities shall provide information to establish: (1) that the dog is a service animal required because of a disability, and (2) to describe the task or work that the dog is trained to do. All information provided by or on behalf of a person requesting an accommodation hereunder shall be kept confidential and will not be accessible by other Unit Owners or third parties unless they need the information to make or assess a decision to grant or deny a reasonable accommodation (e. g. counsel for the Association) or disclosure is required by law (e. g. a court-issued subpoena).

If the Association, through action of its President or Vice-President, in accordance with this policy, with the input from Association counsel as necessary, approves the requested accommodation of an assistance or service animal, the following rules apply: For the safety and protection of all individuals, animals must be carried or kept on a leash at all times when outside the Unit. Owners are required to carry the implements necessary for cleaning up after their animal. Dog waste must be collected and deposited in the trash in a secured plastic bag. Cat litter must be put in a secured plastic bag and deposited in the trash. Assistance or service animals will not be permitted in the swimming pool. Due to the concern for neighbors and potential nuisance problems, patios or balconies may not be used for housing animals when the Owner is not simultaneously on the patio or balcony. No dog shall be housed or treated in a manner that results in unreasonable, persistent or continuous barking. The Owner of the assistance or service animal shall obtain and maintain all licenses, permits, vaccinations, and inoculations for the animal required by any governmental entity, including but not limited to, the State of Florida or Sarasota County. The Association requires proof of compliance with state and local requirements for licensing and vaccinating each emotional support animal. If a person requests to keep more than one emotional support animal, the Association may request reliable information regarding the specific need for each animal. The cost to repair damage to the Common Elements caused by animals will be billed to the responsible Owner and shall paid within ten (10) calendar days. Should the assistance or service animal become a nuisance or exhibit hostility to any person within the Condominium Property, or should the person granted the accommodation otherwise fail to follow the applicable rules concerning animals, such violation(s) will be enforced in accordance with the provisions of the governing documents and all applicable laws. Moreover, in the event of a multiple violations, or a clear and substantial threat to the safety of residents based on prior documented behavior of the specific assistance or service animal, the person granted the accommodation may be required to remove the assistance animal from the Condominium Property.